Has my Passion now become an obsession or an addiction.?

Hi Guys….

A lot of people ask me after all these years…. why I keep going with my music, when a lot of my musician friends have given up on music.

And the short answer is… Its my passion and I don’t think I could ever stop.

It has been all I have for most of my life, I know its a bit of a cliche just like when you turn on your TV and there is footage on a music reality show of a person having an oul fake cry saying its all they ever wanted in life…?

When half of them are under the age of 20 and probably have not even lived their lives yet…So how could it be all they ever wanted when most are only out of their nappies or diapers (For my American friends).

Unlike them, I have had the 9-5 Jobs..Well in my case 8-5 or sometimes 8 to 9 in some cases but Really ( No cliche here)  all I did was stand in work and think about going home and playing my best friend the Guitar and I wrote and played music in all the free time I had.

Ever since I was a teenager I remember coming home from school on my lunch break and play my guitar and write a tune or two, Its who I am and its in my blood.

So has it now become an Obsession…….. Do I wake up every day crawling the streets like a junkie looking for that music fix.


Ha ha. Speaking of which I remember going into the Dublin city center one Christmas to do a bit of shopping and I got so stressed….. So I needed to find a Music store and when I did I ended up spending hours in there just jamming and when I finally got kicked out (Well in all fairness they were nice about it) all the other shops were closed..oops.

So in hindsight…. I do believe my passion for playing Music has become an addiction but at the end of the day my obsession is my Passion.

Thank you for joining me on my journey….

Peace and Love

Your Musically

Mark Joseph (Lennons-idol) //0-0\\




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